Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I couldn't remember my password. It took me days.... but finally.... it came to me. I should write down my password(s). Right? Like I should write down ALL my pin numbers. Hmmmm

Between passwords and pin# I can't help but feel like I suffer from CRSS. Can't remember shit sometimes. Hmmm lotta times yeah.

I can't believe things I've forgotten or not remembered. Did I write it down? Yes. Soooo. Where did I write it down? Total DUH? aka Dufus. LOL

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Vague Memory Of Last Nights Dream

....I went to my NT's house, they were showing me these strange large wooden pieces, they said you just paint them and wrap them up as gifts. My thought was why? I didn't get it. Anyway I fell asleep there. I thought I had just dozed off for a few minutes but evidently it had been hours. I walked out of the house and hadn't realized the lived above a harbor, like the harbor at KoOlina, Lagoon 4?

Thats all I remember. Lame huh?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I've been dreamless. Or have I? Perhaps I'm just not remembering. I hate not remembering. I know I ain't writing so hmmm must be nothing to report, nothing remembered.

I started this specifically so I would write down "those" dreams. Where are those dreams when you need them? I'm thinking I fail to write it down as soon as I wake, so then it is lost in the shuffle of life. Or the morning rush, headout to bumper to bumper traffic.

I should remember. I want to remember. But the mind, has a mind of its own huh? Sometimes.

I must remember to remember so I have something to write. Or whats the point......

Sweet dreams. I need dreams remembered...........

Thursday, October 4, 2007

3:48 AM

A Dream, I think........

I'm driving a big car or was it a truck? Car. Large car. Driving driving. Maybe too fast. Going with the flow. I don't know.

The flowing traffic in front of me is no longer flowing. Its at a complete stop. I'm press on the brakes. But really my foot is stuck on the gas pedal, it won't come off. I try to pull it off so I can brake, my foot is glued to the accelerator and pushing down.

No, no, no! It looks like I'm going to slam into traffic.... at the last moment the car turns to the right. Its careening off the road, thru a fence into a field...its just zooming till it comes to jarring stop. I'm screaming over and over; I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Forgive me, forgive me. There's someone sitting in the back seat. I don't know who. I didn't think I had a passenger. I'm sorry I'm sorry. OMG I'm going to kill us........ whoever us is.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


In the cold morning light
When no ones in sight
You whisper my name
And nothings the same

Your voice at my neck
The bruch of your lips
A twinge in my side
Staightens me into you

Eyelashes tickling my skin
Toes digging in squeezing tight
Exploring fingertips find
A sensuous time.

c) Maha'oi 2007

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Before Sunrise

To wake up before the sun
The body begs to lay still
The mind knows better
As interrupted dreams get shelved
Wanting to be resscued
Eventually the body
Follows the mind
Discipline. Survival. Life.

c) Maha'oi 2000


A nagging voice whimpers
Begging to be somewhere else

Concentrating on peace of mind

Conversation to a higher power
Sound one sided and redundant
Answers appear unnoticed.

c) Maha'oi 2000

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


.....His body follows hers. She turns onto her opu and snuggles into da mattress and pillow. He lies on her. His body totally covers hers. She shifts her legs, left knee up right leg straight. She shifts her upper body trying to get a breath. He lifts his upper body up and as his crotch pushes into her .

.....She fidgets as he pleasures himself. Finding her wet and willing. He pumps into her slowly. She moans every now and den, her body stretching into his stokes. His slow stroking works himself into a excitement as his hips press deeper and longer. His change of pace awakens her moans.

.....She pulls herself up into a kneeling position. Her head kept comfortabley snuggled into the pillows. He kneels behind her holding onto her hips. He pushes himself all the way in and pulls himself almost all the way out. His tip not wanting to leave the excitement of her heat. He delivers his endless strokes as if in a dream.

.....His eyes opens wide with his loud moan as her okole starts to pump back and forth into him. He takes deep breaths as she does the work. Her slow pace picks up speed and he wants her to go slower but he doesn't speak. He follows her lead instead pushing faster too. Suddenly she slows the down the pace. He is at that point of no return.

.....She lets him pump her wit deep long strokes. Her muscles tense around him den let go. He pushes himself into her then doesn't moved. Her muscles strangle him pulling forward den lets go pushing back. He holds on to her ass for dear life and as her muscles pulls his stiffness lifeless.

......Their moans and groans harmonize into screams and growls as they collaspes into a dreamless smiling sleep.

c) Maha'oi 2007